Welcome to the list of painters:

Jean-Paul Avisse
Cicely Mary Barker
Calendar 2006
Marjolein Bastin
Nature Sketches,Calendar 2008,Calendar 2009,Calendar 2012,Calendar 2013,Calendar 2014,Calendar 2015,Unsorted
Jody Bergsma
Calendar 2010,Fantasy Art
Vladimir Bondar
Nick Perumov
Amy Brown
The Art of Amy Brown,The Art of Amy Brown II,Calendar 2012
Kirill Chelushkin
Alice and the City Wolf
Kinuko Craft
Calendar 2008,Calendar 2015,Fantasy Art
Maurits Cornelis Escher
Danny Flynn
Only Visiting This Planet
Victoria Frances
Stone Tears,Set Me Free,Frozen Light
Linda and Roger Garland
Garlands of Fantasy,The Book of the Unicorn
Donato Giancola
Nika Golz
German Poetry,The Little Prince,Oscar Wilde
Friedrich Hechelmann
Hundert Schmetterlinge
John Howe
Beowulf,Cathedrale,Celtic,Knights and Dragons,Middle-Earth,The Abandoned City,George Martin,Guy Gavriel Kay,Robin Hobb,Unsorted
Tove Jansson
Alice in Wonderland
Thomas Kinkade
Victoria Kirdy
Angels,Calendar,Cats and Others,People
Stephanie Law
Calendar 2008,Dreamscapes,Dreamscapes2,Dreamscapes3,Tarot - Major Arcana,Tarot - Minor Arcana,Between the Seams,Fantastical Visions IV,Zodiac,Miscellanea
Alan Lee
Calendar 2008,Calendar 2007,Castles,Faeries,Merlin Dreams,The Children of Hurin,The Hobbit,The Lord of the Rings,The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook,Tales from the Perilous Realm,The Mabinogion,Tolkiens Ring
Rodney Matthews
Alice in Wonderland,Bible,Fantasy,Stories
Alfons Mucha
Ted Nasmith
A Song of Ice and Fire,The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth,The Silmarillion
Arthur Rackham
The Sleeping Beauty,Alice in Wonderland,Hans Christian Andersen,Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens,A Midsummer Night Dream,Undine,The Rhinegold,The Valkyrie,Siegfried,The Twilight of the Gods
Luis Royo
New,Dead Moon - Epilogue,Dead Moon,Dome,Dark Labyrinth,Subversive Beauty,The Labyrinth Tarot,Fantastic Art,Visions,Evolution,Malefic,Dreams,III Millennium,Prohibited Book,Prohibited Book II,Prohibited Book III,Apocalypse
Nene Thomas
Selected Works
Josephine Wall
2009,Air&Water,Bubbles,Children,Dreams,Fairies,Fantasy&Surrealism,Goddesses,Romance,Stories,The Early Years,Trees,Unsorted
Michael Whelan
The Dark Tower I,The Dark Tower VII,The Little Sisters of Eluria,Angels,Anne McCaffrey,Edgar Burroughs,Elric,Fantasy,Fuzzies,Horror,Isaac Asimov,Science Fiction,Spirals&Shells,Walls
Ilon Wikland
The Brothers Lionheart,Ronia the Robbers Daughter,Mio, my Mio,The Sunny Glade,Seacrow Island,Madiken and Pims,Karlson on the Roof
Patrick Woodroffe
Sulamith Wulfing
Calendar 2002,Nature Spirits,Angels,Stories,Unsorted
Jacek Yerka
Mind Fields,The Fantastic Art,Calendar 2014,Calendar 2015,Cities,Gardens,Houses,Roads,Waters,Sketches,Unsorted
Apocalypse,Dark Woods of Andy Kehoe,Tales by Kim Minji,Time and Space by Yuri Nemzev,Fairy-tales by Igor Oleinikov
Cinderella,Sleeping Beauty,Russian Fairy-tales,Kalevala,Norwegian Fairy-tales,Fairy-tales of Hans Christian Andersen